Sizing Guide

Find the perfect size using our size guides. Measure around your dog's neck, chest and back as shown in the images below. Leave 2 fingers of room to ensure a comfortable fit. The chest measurement is the most important. If your dog measures close to the high-end of a size, we recommend sizing up. Our hoodies have lots of stretch and are pretty forgiving however our rain jacket has no stretch.

10-13 pound mini dachshunds wear size 0
14+ pound "tweenie" mini dachshunds wear size 1 (Dash our 17 pound mini dachshund wears size 1)
FRENCH BULLDOGS - standard size frenchies fit size 2 (smaller frenchies need a 1, larger frenchies (30+ pounds) need a 3.
TEACUP DOGS - under 5 pounds ONLY will fit size 000 (dogs 6+ pounds will need to size up to 00)
Sizing of similar sized breeds

Size 00 - designed for yorkies, chihuahuas, mini dachshund puppies (6-10 lbs dogs)
Size 0 - pomeranians, 10-15 pound mini dachshunds
Size 1 - 15-20 pound mini dachshunds, boston terriers
Size 2 - frenchies, some standard sized dachshunds, bernedoodles
Size 3 - larger frenchies, beagles, small corgis, dogs about 26+ lbs.
Size 4 - cockapoos, corgis, small pitbulls, border collies
Size 5 - pitbulls, labs, dogs about 50-70 pounds
Size 6 - golden retriever, american bulldogs, boxers, labs, about 70-90+ pounds



hoodie sizes


rain jacket sizes


crew sweater sizes


dog harness size chart

Waterproof Collar


size chart for waterproof dog collar


(use this as a guide only)

Size 000

Teacup Dogs, Small puppies and dogs 5 pounds and under

Size 00

Standard yorkies, Chihuahuas, Maltese, Small cats

Size 0

Shih Tzu's, Mini Dachshunds (10-13 pounds), Cats, Pomeranians

Size 1

Pugs, Boston terriers and Mini Dachshunds (14-17 pounds)

Size 2

French Bulldog, Pugs, Italian Greyhound, Standard Dachshund

Size 3

English bulldogs and Corgis, Staffys, Beagles

Size 4

Cockapoos, English bulldogs, Border Collie, Corgis

Size 5

Labs, English bulldogs, Pit bulls, Bully breeds

Size 6

American bulldogs and Boxers, Labs, Great Danes (stretchy apparel)